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The term “estate planning” tends to conjure up images
of a practice that only pertains to wealthy individuals.
But this simply isn’t true. What will happen to your assets
when you pass away? Even if the amount of assets you own
isn’t impressive, it’s still important to go through the
process of planning your estate so that it passes to those
you desire.

If you don’t plan your estate, then the government will
decide for you who gets what. Plus, if you do have
considerable assets and don’t use estate planning
techniques to avoid estate taxes, then the government gets
a hefty chunk of it as well.


Is that what you want?

Your estate plan might be as simple as a will that denotes
the beneficiary of your retirement account. It might be very
complicated and include several trusts for varying purposes
plus your will. In this eBook we take a deep dive into all your options.

Ultimate Guide To Estate Planning eBook

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